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Focused Life-Force Energy

What if You Could Raise The Consciousness of Your Environment?

I recently interviewed Jeffrey Stegman & Clayten Stedmann, co-founders of Focused Life-Force Energy. A technology that has really  had an impact on my life, that you can try free. 

Feel It For Yourself!

Activate a high-consciousness field around your home or mobile phone with Focused Life-Force Energy, a high-consciousness field with 20+ energetic features to support you. Feel the energy for yourself!

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You’re invited to experience 15 days of FLFE’s most popular service, free. There’s no credit card needed, nothing to cancel, and no surprise bill at the end. 

What is FLFE?

Focused Life-Force Energy (FLFE) or “Fluffy,” as some affectionately call it, is a leading-edge technology that activates high-consciousness energy fields.

FLFE operates on the principle that there is an electrical grid of subtle energy running through everyone and everything – including our homes, workplaces, and objects like our phones. The FLFE Field is generated by the FLFE System, which includes multiple devices using five different technologies which many believe makes it the most effective generated high-consciousness field of its kind available at this time.

You could think of it as a field of high-consciousness energy directed to your location.

  • Imagine having the focused prayer of 1,000 monks at the same time.
  • Imagine attuning your homespace to the vibration of a sacred temple.
  • Imagine creating a bubble of positivity around you that you can take anywhere you go.
  • That is the power of a high-consciousness field.
  • If you’ve ever walked into a room and said, “Wow, the energy is really good in here!” then you already know what this feels like. 
  • A lighter, higher vibrational area of subtle energy flow with qualities like love, joy, and peace that uplifts and expands anyone who enters them. 
  • It’s why we often feel energized after visiting a sacred site, being in the presence of a spiritual master, or even at a holiday gathering where love was strong and clear. 

Remember, here’s no credit card needed, nothing to cancel, and no surprise bill at the end. Just 15 days of FLFE’s most popular service FREE!